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Dance Like You're The Only One


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Dark Secrets



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Day Off



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Days Go By



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Deck 51




Dedicated Drinker



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Doctor Doctor



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Don't Ask



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Don't You Wish Schaltfläche Schaltfläche
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Double Shot Of Love Schaltfläche Schaltfläche
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Drinks For Two Schaltfläche Schaltfläche
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Eagles Rock Schaltfläche Schaltfläche


Easy Come, Easy Go Schaltfläche Schaltfläche


Electric Slide Schaltfläche Schaltfläche


Everybody Knows Dixie Schaltfläche Schaltfläche
infolink Everybody's Sweetheart Schaltfläche Schaltfläche


Everyday Schaltfläche Schaltfläche


Express Schaltfläche Schaltfläche
infolink Ex's and Oh's Schaltfläche Schaltfläche

Down To The Honky Tonk
32 count, 2 wall, Improver
Choreographie: Stephen Pistoia
Musik: Down To The Honky Tonk von Jake Owens

48 count / 4 wall Improver
Choreographie: Rob Fowler (07/18)
Musik: Damn von Brett Kissel (ft. Dave Mustaine)

Day Of The Dead
64 Count / 4 wall / Intermediate
Choreographie: Dan Albro (03/18)
Musik: Day Of The Dead von Wade Bowen

Down On Your Uppers
32 count, 4 wall, Beginner
Choreographie: Gary O'Reilly (09/17)
Musik: Down On Your Uppers von Derek Ryan

Dear Frind
56 count, 4-wall, intermediate
Choreographie: Kate Sala (07/16)
Musik: Carry You Home von Ward Thomas

Diamond Dreams
64 count, 2wall, Intermediate
Choreographie: Robbie McGowan Hickie (05/17)
Musik: Diamond Dreams von Castro

Dancin' The Dust
32 count / 4-wall /Low Intermediate
Choreographie: Tina Argyle (05/17)
Musik: Dirt On My Boots von Jon Pardi

Dig Your Heels
52 count, 4wall,Phrased, Intermediate
Choreographie: Maddison Glover (10/16)
Musik: Here's To You &1 von McClymonts

Ex's and Oh's

32 count / 4-wall / low Intermediate
Choreographie: Amy Glass (02/15)
Musik: Ex's and Oh's von Elle King

Down To The River

64 count, wall, Intermediate,Advanced
Choreographie: Klara Wallman (05/14)
Musik: Going Down To The River von  Doug Seegers, Jill Johnsson & Magnus Carlson

Don't Wake Me Up

64 count, 4 wall, Intermediate

Choreographie: Francien Sittrop (08/13)

Musik: Don't Wake Me Up von Prinnie Stevens

Doin' It Right

32 count/4 wall / Beginner/ Intermdiate

Choreographie: Rachael McEnaney (12/13)

Musik: Doin' It Right von Rodney Atkins (121bpm)

Dance To The Violins

64 count / 4 wall / Intermediate

Choreographie: Katrin Gäbler & Toralf Tylla

Musik: Electric Daisy Violin von Lindsey Sterling


84 count / 2 wall / Intermediate

Choreographie:Rob Fowler (10/12)

Musik: Driven von Casey James

Disappearing Tail Lights

32 count / 4 wall / Beginner / Intermediate

Choreographie: Alison Biggs & Peter Metelnick

Musik: Disappearing Tail Lights von Gord Bamford

Dancing With Cupid

64 count, 2wall / Intermediate

Choreographie: Kate Sala (06/12)

Musik: Cupid von Daniel Powter

Everybody's Sweetheart

48 count/4 wall, Beginner / Intermediate

Choreographie: Robbie McGowan Hickie (06/12)

Musik:Everybody's Sweetheart von Vince Gill

Ding Dang Darn It

48 count / 2 wall Beginner / Intermediate

Choreographie:Rachel McEnaney (02/12)

Musik: Ding Dang Darn It von Ken Domash


56 count / 2 wall Advanted

Choreographie: Maggie Gallagher (07/11)

Musik: Devotion von Sanna Nielsen

Don’t Drink The Water
32 count / 4wall Beginner / Intermediate
Choreographie: Rachel McEnaney (06/11)
Musik: Don't Drink The Water von Brad Paysley ft. Blake Shelton (121BpM)

Daddy’s Radio
64 count / 1-wall /Intermediate Twistep
Choreographie: Kerstin & Peter Lienert 03/2011
Musik: Daddy’s Radio von  Billy Yates [144 bpm]

40 Counts/2 Wall/ Intermediate Contra Line Dance
Musik: Fishing In The Dark by Nitty Gritty Dirt Band

32 count / 4-wall / Beginner
Choreographie: Audrey Watson (Febr. 03)
Musik: Everyday von The Deans (128 BpM)

Everybody Knows Dixie
32 count / 4 Wall Beginner, Intermediate
Choreographie: Rep Ghazali 05/2006
Musik: Everybody Knows-116 bpm von Dixie Chicks

Electric Slide
18 Count, 4 wall, beginner dance
Musik: Wher’m I Gonna Life – Billy Ray Cyrus

Easy Come, Easy Go
40 count, 4 wall, beginner/intermediate line dance
Choreographie: Debbie O'Hara (Mai 98)
Musik: Any Way The Wind Blows von Brother Phelps (181 BpM)

Eagles Rock
64 count 4 wal Intermediate
Choreographie: Gaye Teather 10/07
Musik: How Long von The Eagles

Drinks for two
64 count / 4-wall / Beginner, Intermediate
Choreographie: Ed Lawton (10/05)
Musik: Two Bottles Of Beer by Lonestar

Double Shot Of Love
64 count, 4wall Beginner/Intermediate
Choreographie: Peter Metelnick & Alison Biggs 02/2010
Musik: Love Love -160 bpm von Amy MacDonald

Don’t You Wish
32 Counts 4-Wall Line-Dance ,
Choreographie: Daisy Simons 10/07
Musik: Don't You Wish It Was True von John Fogerty

Don’t Ask
32 count / 4wall Beginner / Intermediate
Choreographie: Gaye Teather 08/2010
Musik: Don't Ask Me About A Woman -128 bpm von Easton Corbin

Doctor Doctor

80 count / 4 wall / Intermediate
Choreographie: Masters In Line 05/04
Musik: Bad Case Of Loving You 146 bpm von Robert Palmer

Do’ Ya
64 count / 2-wall / Beginner, Intermediate
Choreographie: Mark & Jan Caley (Juni 01)
Musik: Do You Wanna Dance by Olsen Brothers (165 BpM)

32 count, 4 wall, intermediate line dance
Choreographie: Jo Thompson (02 / 01)
Musik: Dizzy von Scooter Lee (124 BpM)

Dedicated Drinker
32 count / 4-wall / Intermediate
Choreographie: Kickin' Kate Sala & Geri Morrison (April 02)
Musik: Designated Drinker Alan Jackson & George Strait (124 BpM)

Deck 51
68 count, 2-wall, intermediate
Choreographie: Edward Lawton & Malcolm White (Febr. 01)
Musik: Flowers On The Wall Eric Heatherley (104 BpM)

Days Go By
48 Count / 2 Wall Intermediate
Choreographie: John Growler Rowell
Musik: Days Go By von Keth Urban

Day Off
56 Count / 4 wall Beginner / Intermediate
Choreographie: Zlatimir Geleta
Musik: Day Off von  Zona Jones

Dark Secrets
32 count / wall Intermediate
Choreographie: Tina Argyle 10/06
Musik: Drinkin’Dark Whiskey –180 bpm - von Gary Allan

Dance Like You’re The Only One
32 count / 4-wall Beginner / Intermediate
Choreographie: Teresa Lawrence, Vera Fisher01/2008
Musik: Sun Goes Down von  David Jordan

32 count / 4 wall Beginner
Choreographie: Gaye Teather
Musik: A World Of Blue von Dwight Yoakam